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From News to Movies:

Boy Fell In Pond principal is John Evan Harris. He’s a former print journalist (Auckland Star, West End News) and musician (guitarist-songwriter with the Sixties band The Bluestarswhose song Social End Product became a pre-punk classic).

After a career in newspapers he was a reporter, writer, director and producer at Television New Zealand (where he was programme editor of the nightly regional show Top Half), and later joined the independent production company Communicado (producing That’s Fairly Interesting and Heroes, and directing some episodes).

He founded his own television production company Greenstone Pictures in 1994, and produced and/or directed numerous documentaries and factual series including the re-enactment series Epitaph and Against the Odds. Greenstone was well known for long-running factual series such as The Zoo, Motorway Patrol, Serious Crash Unit and Highway Patrol.

In 2014 John sold Greenstone and set up Boy Fell In Pond, beginning a new career as a writer and director of movies. His short film Every Little Thing was completed in July 2016, and Prequel’87 in 2017. He is now writing feature-length scripts which will be offered to New Zealand producers.elt-director-john-harris-copy-e1491190823196.jpg

  • ABOVE: On location for Every Little Thing.
  • BELOW: Every Little Thing poster.

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