Cannes – ‘a wakeup call’

Boy Fell In Pond was represented by John Harris and Jan Zane at the 70th Cannes film festival and market in May. (Picture: John hard at work in Cannes cafe.)

“If you love movies,” says John, “it’s an exhilarating place to be, surrounded by thousands of producers, distributors, directors and movie buffs.

“But if you’re planning to launch your own movies, Cannes provides a brutal wakeup call. There are so MANY movies! I was forcefully reminded that my project needs to STAND OUT! or it will get lost among the thousands of lacklustre films that will go nowhere.

“Ideally, your movie will have a high concept, a clear premise, and offer something different, memorable, special. It should be a story with standout factors which will attract the attention of the audience.”

John completed his short film “Every Little Thing” earlier this year, and is polishing the script for his first feature, “It’s Not What Happens”, along with three other projects.


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