Prequel’87 completed


The short film Prequel’87 has been completed, and a cast and crew viewing will be held on 10 May.

Prequel (16mins) tells the story of young mother Jean Bracewell whose daughter is knocked over on a pedestrian crossing in the small township of Hazelwood. Jean begins a friendship with the priest who brings the girl home. But her life is turned upside down when a car crash claims the lives of  her husband Stan and her husband’s sleazy boss Nixon.

Prequel sets the scene for a full length feature, It’s Not What Happens, which will be filmed later this year.

PICTURED (from left): Trevor Nixon (played by Peter Feeney), Jean Bracewell (Holly Shervey), Father Josef (Chris Nicholls), Sophie Bracewell (Scarlett Featherstone), Constable George Manaia (Tainui Tukiwaho) and Rafael Nixon (Arlo Feeney). Not pictured is Stan Bracewell (played by Neill Rea). PHOTO: Bridget Webber.

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